Английский язык - Контрольная для СПГУСЭ № 1

Английский язык - Контрольная для СПГУСЭ № 1

Модель: Контрольная работа
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Цена: 100.00 руб.
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2012 год, 6 листов
Контрольная работа № l

Внимание! Дан подстрочный перевод всех предложений, для облегчения понимания текста. К тому же иногда преподаватели требуют письменный перевод предложений (несмотря на то, что такого задания в методичке нет).

Задание №1
Раскройте скобки, употребляя глагол в одном из следующий времен: Present
Simple, Present Continuous, Future Simple.
1.    Jason (not/come) with us this evening.
2.    What this sign (mean)?
3.    We usually (meet) at the sports centre every Monday afternoon.
4.    I promise, I (come) to you place next Sunday.
5.    John and Mary (play) chess at the moment.
Задание №2
Исправьте грамматические ошибки в предложениях:
1.    Steve goes fishing tomorrow.
2.    I am visiting my grandparents every week.
3.    Will you to clean the carpet, please.
4.    Peter looks for a new house these days.
5.    Are you believing this information?
Задание №3
Составьте предложения из следующих групп слов:
1.    to/ going/ conference/ attend/ marketing/ are/on/you/the?
2.    does/ his/ often/ coffee/ he/ for/ secretary/ not/ a/ ask.
3.    phone/ making/ is/ appointment/ now/ the/ he/ on/ an.
4.    on/ leaving/ business/ Brussels/ he/ for/is.
5.    extra/ nobody/ hours/ to/ wants/ work.
Задание № 4
Выберите правильную форму глагола:
1.    Mary met her husband while she worked/ was working/used to work in
the States.
2.    Last month the company cancelled/ was canceling/ used to cancel three
major orders.
3.    The government provided/were providing/ used to provide much more
help for disabled people than they do now.

Задание № 5
Переведите на английский язык:
Вчера он был очень занят. Он пошел в банк поменять деньги. Когда он выходил из банка, у него зазвонил мобильный телефон. Звонил клиент, Чтобы пригласить на бизнес-ланч. Он поблагодарил клиента и принял приглашение.
Задание № 6
Переведите на русский язык:
1.    France is not as big as Canada.
2.    Their car was twice as expensive as ours.
3.    The Park Hotel is less expensive then the Plaza.
4.    The King George Hotel is the least expensive of all.
5.    Much more people are opening their own business these days.
6.    Call me if you need further information.
7.    This document is even more valuable than that one.
8.    These partners are the most unreliable I have ever had.
Задание № 7
Раскройте скобки, поставив прилагательные в нужную степень
1.    Не is a far (intelligent) person than the previous personal manager.
2.    The (much) we go into the matter, the much complex it becomes.
3.    The local wages are a bit (high) then they used to be two previous years.
4.    His last business trip was (successful) of all.
5.    Reliable quality is (essential) for customers as low prices.
Задание № 8
Переведите предложения на английский язык.
1.    Эта проблема намного важнее той, которую мы обсуждали вчера.
2.    Сейчас объем продаж быстро снижается, поэтому наша компания
старается найти новые, более перспективные, рынки сбыта.
3.    Пока менеджер по продажам ждал телефонного звонка, клиенты
подтвердили заказ факсом.

Задание № 9
Прочитайте текст и выполните задания к тексту.
The great advantage of globalization is that it increases competition. Companies and firms have to order their affairs carefully so that they compete in a global market. But that is outweighed by a large number of disadvantages.
The first one is that it hurts the local government's ability to deal with issues like welfare benefits, wages and taxes mainly because the corporation is able to say to the British Government or to the French Government or to the American Government, "Look unless you lower your taxes on us, we'll be moving off to South East Asia or Latin America", and so on. And so it takes out of the hands of the government the ability to control their own welfare system and provide a decent infrastructure for their people. Now this is not so bad as long as there is some negotiation between governments and companies. But more and more in recent years, companies have started to rule the roost. There is an opinion that the corporation is the most important institution in our lives. They can now dictate to governments and some kind of give-and-take between governments and corporations is of great importance.
Another problem is one of unemployment in the Western world. As companies want to improve their profitability, they are going to be looking for the low-cost, low-wage centres. And we're just about to see a major change in the global economy, bесаusе of the addition of China and India to the global labour market. There are great advantages in this but there are a lot of problems as well because China and India are going to provide a skilled population. Also, they are going to provide fairly good infrastructures for the companies that are going to go out there. So we are going to see a flight of capital from the West which is going to be sudden and dramatic. If this is too sudden and is not managed properly we could find very severe employment problems in the Western world.
Nowadays more and more companies are struggling to become global. But being a global company means not only the improvement but also problems. Fortune Garments, one of Hong Kong's oldest trading groups, which makes high quality clothing, has become global: it has over 3000 suppliers in 17 countries and employs stuff from all over the world in its head office and factories. It is expanding rapidly in foreign markets with sales over $ US 1.8 bn.
Fast delivery, innovative design, and reliable quality are essential for success in the fashion business. Fortune Garments' Chairman, Michael Chau, is proud that his company can usually accept a major order and deliver the goods to a customer within four weeks. However, globalization has brought problems in the company's overseas plants, and this is having a bad effect on its share price. As the result the company can become the target of a takeover if it doesn't sort out its problems soon.
Задания к тексту:
1. Найти русские эквиваленты к английским словам и выражениям:

1. negotiation     а.   перевешивать
2. addition     b.   серьезный
3. decent     с.   довольно
4. issue     d.   дело
5. dramatic     e.   дешевый
6. institution     f.   низкооплачиваемый
7. properly     g. поглощение
8. provide     h. переговоры
9. severe     i.   главным образом
10. affair     j.   подходящий, приличный
11 . to outweigh     k. вступление, дополнение
12. fairly     1.   предоставлять, обеспечивать
13. mainly     т. впечатляющий
14. low wage     п. учреждение
15. low cost     о. проблема, вопрос
16. take over     р. правильно, как следует
2.    Найдите предложения, содержание которых не противоречит
информации, изложенной в тексте:
1)    Globalisation increases the power of governments.
2)    Globalisation increases competition among companies.
3)    Globalisation could lead to employment problems in the West.
4)    Globalisation prevents governments from controlling their welfare
5)    It takes Fortune Garments more than a month to accept an order
and to deliver the goods to the customer.
3.    Расставьте предложения в правильном порядке в соответствии с текстом:
1)    Companies are searching for new markets to reduce their expenses.
2)    Having become global clothing company is facing new problems.
3)    Competition in a global market makes companies order their
affairs more carefully.
4)    In some countries, international companies influence
Governments' actions.
5)    New markets are going to be found in the East.

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